The Library at JIB, the crown jewel of the campus, hosts a huge array of texts in a variety of formats. Books in braille cover a wide range of subjects from academic texts to religious works, from biographies to novels with many of the selections also available in audio form. Braille printers let students take data with them for further study, computer screens magnify text for the visually impaired, and a news service keeps blind and visually impaired students up-to-date on current events throughout the world. Even university and high school students take advantage of the wealth of text books available at the library. Computer education courses offered at the library ensure that the Institute’s students keep abreast of technology trends. In addition to all that the library has to offer, a Rehabilitation Center was also founded by the JIB, in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Social Affairs. that has given 35 blind workers the opportunity to employ their talents in the assembly and binding of books at the library.