We Sing During the War

Our Trauma is KNOWING, But not SEEING

What does this war mean for us?

Sigalit from Ramat Gan discusses the unique challenges of the blind and the visually impaired during The War.
“All we have right now is our voice.”

We successfully advance our mission by operating a warm and innovative school grounded in cutting-edge research for children with varying degrees of blindness, and a broad array of enriching extracurricular after school activities, supportive services and programs, and vocational training.

Please watch our students' very own music video!

Our Students Create a New Restaurant App for the Blind (with menus recorded in our studios on Campus!)


JIB’s impact is measurable and transformative. Everyday it is reflected in the confident and happy demeanor of our treasured students. Most children that enter our program are fearful, insecure, and totally dependent on others for their survival. They emerge confident, hopeful, and independent and ready to pursue meaningful occupations and become contributing members of their society. Life is more than just about existing. At JIB we elevate and empower our charges to dream big and reach for the stars.

JIB, Our Friends, Our Family

Always Giving a Helping Hand

Established in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1902, the Institute has grown into a widely respected Jerusalem landmark.

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With your help, the Jewish Institute for the Blind can continue to provide a framework that promotes the ability of the visually impaired to overcome daily challenges and attain independence and full integration within the community. Together we can provide unparalleled opportunities and support to the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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