The Jewish Institute for the Blind provides a wealth of programs and services adapted to suit the needs, interests, and capabilities of children and adults in the Blind and Visually Impaired community. These programs help guide students as they forge their own paths toward independence through education, rehabilitation, health, social welfare, and a caring, knowledgeable staff.

120 years of providing service and education...

have put us in a singular position to design and develop programs that address the unique needs of our students and put them at a distinct advantage in society. Our programs foster, encourage, and define our mission statement “to help raise a student’s self-esteem so that he will not depend on others for help, but will himself become a helpful member of society”.

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Beit HaTalmid

Beit Ha’Talmid offers students from all over the Jerusalem area, who have already been mainstreamed into regular public and private schools, to be transported to JIB twice a week to take part in courses to further increase their independence. This program has been so successful and popular that similar afternoon programs are now being sponsored by the JIB in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod, and Beer Sheva.

Psychological Services

Psycho-social services address the student’s psychological growth and interaction with their particular social environment. A team of specialists including a neurologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, and nurse act as case manager to provide psychodynamic therapy to the student and give advice and support to the family or community contact. This team is especially important in helping individuals to overcome the challenges that they may face in social interaction within society, with its main goal of making it easier for students and older boarders to resume normal life.

Summer Camps

Summer is a time for us to enjoy our friends, the great outdoors, and to reinforce the independent living skills that have been taught throughout the year. JIB sponsors a variety of such camps during the summer break, including an innovative camp for older students that takes place at different locations in Israel each year.

Vocational School

JIB encourages its students throughout their academic career and supports them beyond the primary school grades 1-8 with its Vocational School, providing a wide range of subjects to choose from in order for the student to find what truly stimulates their mind and what will be the area of study best suited to their own personal interested and needs. If they attend a high school in Jerusalem, they may even continue to board at JIB and receive academic assistance and the warm moral support of the JIB family, including help to continue their education or find suitable and fulfilling employment.

Yachad -Youth Together

Yachad (Youth Together) is a unique country wide program comprised of blind and vision impaired youth who study in mainstream educational institutes.