Community Leadership

The Department of Community Services for the Blind was established with the aim of providing cultural and leisure services to blind adults over the age of 21. The department helps our participants become strong leaders in their respective communities. People with blindness or visual impairment are constant consumers of knowledge. Their visual impairment accustomed them from an early age to perfect and sharpen the use of other senses. Developing these senses is key, as well as incorporating supplemental programming that assists in technology and professional endeavors. Thanks to the Department of Community Services for the Blind, our school offers courses that teach:
Using a smartphone
Entrepreneurship in today’s age
First Aid Providers Course
Additional practical courses and workshops
Young Leaders of Tomorrow (Student Group)

From many years of experience, we have come to the understanding that sports and physical activity adapted to blind and visually impaired students dramatically improves their abilities in various other fields throughout their lives.

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Accessible Performances

In collaboration with the Library for the Blind, we strive to enable accessible entertainment, plays, and movies. As consumers of culture, people with blindness need mediation and vocal description of what’s happening on stage or screen. In conjunction, the Library for the Blind and the Department of Community Services are happy to organize the screening or staging of the accessible entertainment and bring it to members in our community.

Dogs, Backpacks, and Sticks (We’re Going On a Hike)

Country-wide tours are an integral part of our leadership department's activities. The tours reflect a high interest among our students to explore the great outdoor sites in Israel. The tours are always exciting, enriching the lives of participants and mentors alike.

Social Club for Seniors

Senior-age school graduates expressed a desire to join a social club where they can meet, chat, play, and relax. With respect for past graduates, Ivrim opened its doors to provide seniors with a well-equipped social club. Students of all ages can be seen in our hallways, bettering each other's lives, side by side.

Shabbat & Holiday Program

We created a Shabbat & Holiday Program to cater to a need of spending time together outside regular school hours. Between one Jewish holiday and the next, we organize community Shabbat dinners for all our friends, solidifying the connections and lessons we gathered throughout the week.