Dear Friend -
This is not about Artificial Intelligence, or world peace, or resettling refugees, or rescue efforts during a natural disaster. We are here to give a blind child the tools they need to succeed and feel good about themselves. It's really quite "simple".

This summer, more than 500 blind or visually impaired children throughout Israel will come to our campus for a unique summer camp experience. Moreover, there are three unique programs that we at Beit Chinuch Ivrim need to operate for a core group of blind children, for which we have no government funding to date.
The three programs are:
  • A one-week all-sports camp for blind children!
  • A one week unique social integration program that teaches basic skills to needy blind children!
  • A month-long Music Camp for especially talented children including the production of our own School music CD!
The average cost per child is $375. Your gift of $750 will send two children to camp. Your gift of $1800 will send five blind/visually impaired kids to camp
if you would like to sponsor one of the three Programs, whose respective costs range from $14,000-$19,000 each, please contact Robert Katz at [email protected], or by calling his cell at 917-721-4664.
Any monies raised above and beyond the necessary $50,000 to run these Summer Camps will go straight to our operating expenses in Israel for our School for the Blind, grades K-12.
If you would like to learn more about our Summer Camps, or would like an in-depth explanation of purpose and priorities, please reach out to Robert Katz via the means mentioned above.
Have a wonderful summer.



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